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Shak is an extremely committed instructor. I was very nervous on many of our lessons together and lacked a lot of confidence. He was very patient and always gave helpful guidance and plenty of laughs along the way. I was passed my test first time and would highly recommend Shak to anyone learning to drive.

Emily Stott

I wanted to say a big thank you to Mohammad Shofiqu for his amazing assistance and patience during our driving lessons. His teaching style is excellent, making the learning process both fun and effective. Mohammad’s calm demeanor and clear instructions really helped me gain confidence behind the wheel. I truly appreciate his dedication and support. Highly recommended!!!!


Shakil was a very good instructor – was proper patient with me and got me to pass first time.

Really grateful to him


Passed my driving test first time thanks to Shakil! He’s been a fantastic instructor, I was super nervous to start driving but Shakil’s patience, knowledge and teaching skills helped me grow in confidence and learn to enjoy driving. Really glad to have learned with tooting driving school recommend to anyone hoping to learn to drive !!


Shakil was my second instructor who taught me after I failed my first attempt for my practical test. I’m really thankful for his effort to correct my mistakes especially on my mindset on driving


I was lucky to meet Shakil. He is a calm, friendly and knowledgeable instructor. We managed the impossible – to remove the influence of my many years of experience on European roads and clearly focus on British streets and driving culture! The result was a successful pass with only two minor faults…. But really, on the third try only 😜


Shakil was my driving instructor. He did an absolute amazing job and calming my nerves all the way up until test day. I was very pleased with my time with Shakil and how vigilant he was in leaving no room for mistakes and how keen he was on helping me pass ready to answer any questions I had on hand with clarity and examples as I am a visual learner which is something he noticed and adhered to. I passed with only 2 minors thanks to his attentiveness and I want to thank TDS for employing such good driving instructors. Thanks once again to Shakil, I highly recommend him!!!

Grace Semss

i wouldn’t have done this without tooting driving school they helped me a lot through hard times and im pleased with them for helping me pass alhamdulilah


Shakil is an amazingly excellent, instructor, very patient and motivational. One of the best with so much experience. He brings best driving skills hidden inside you. I highly recommend Tooting Driving School

Sulesh Marcelo

Shakil was a really helpful instructor & helped me pass first time


Fantastic teaching and instructor.

Abdulatif Ahmed

Shaqil is an AMAZING instructor, he meticulously instructs whilst correcting ensuring that small mistakes stick in your head so that you do not make them again. His approach is calm, helping you with nervousness or doubt. I cannot thank him enough I passed my test today with only 3 minors. If you are looking for someone that pays attention to the smallest details, whilst ensuring you are confident in every aspect of your driving you are at the right place. Thank you again Shaqil !!!


Shakil is an amazing instructor!

Maryam Attal

I just to thank you brother Mohamed for been teaching me so well and being so patient with me. I highly recommend this driving school. You are the best driving instructor that I have been with.


Good learning experience and good technique how to drive.

I was v.good . I cleared me test 1st time.

Harish babu Avuluri

I recommend you to learn driving with Shakil then you know you will pass on you first exam like me


After just a few months driving with Shakil, I passed my test first time today. An easy recommendation for anyone aiming to drive with confidence. Thanks!

George A

I had 5 different instructors while I was learning to drive and none of them were quite as good as Shakil from Tooting Driving School.

In my first lesson with him, I was a bit worried at how much he was having to comment and correct my driving, but I soon came to realise that this is because he truly cares about whether you will be driving safely and correctly once you pass. He gave lots of encouragement when I was doing well and identified all the areas in which I was lacking and needed to improve. Over time, I came to realise just how many areas I wasn’t confident in thanks to Shakil and I fixed them up and managed to pass my test!

Many thanks to Shakil, to whom I will always be thankful!

Ashar Naqvi

I would like to thank Mr. Shakil, he was a professional and patient driving instructor, always pushing you to achieve your goal. I recommend this school to those who want to learn driving


Hi I just wanted to say that shakil is a brilliant instructor very easy going straight to the point and will explain things in details so that you will fully understand how driving work and the things that you should improve on he will make you feel really at ease and knows where to push you to improve your driving skills I would highly recommend it.well experienced and a good attitude.


Thank you Shakil, genuinely an amazing instructor. Patient, clear and reliable. Having Shakil to pinpoint my weaknesses got me confident and ready for my test. Really recommend Shakil for anyone who wants to pass their test and feel ready to drive on your own.

Diogo Carvalho

The instructions from the instructor was very fruitful for me


The best driving instructor, he had a lot of faith in me. Very patient. Thank you so much.


I had this driving experience for while with Mr Shakil, where we did maybe 60 hours, which made me well skilled in driving manual car. I would like to say sometimes it can be really hard to fit in the instructors standart driving as its very high, so it can be harsh but definitely worth it. The car which we drove is Peugeot 208 , its pretty modern and well kept. Generally car drives itself and driver needs only to control/maintain its motion. Over all I can say they do nice job in Tooting driving school.


I passed My driving test first time Tooting Driving School the best one thank you so much.

issa saleh

The best driving instructor I have ever had I have passed first time with only a small amount of faults he made me feel so confident and brave to go to my test I couldn’t of done it with anyone else thank you so much shakil

Charlie Hodson

I passed my test first time and Shakil is a fantastic instructor! He will cover all areas of driving and will give you relevant feedback which will help you to pass the test and become a good driver overall. Thank you so much for all your support and time! I would definitely recommend Tooting Driving School!

Krutika Patel

Thanks Shakil, you give me advice that was of great help. He knows the area very well and very good instructor.

Really recommend him.


Thank you! Amazing and professional teaching.


Fantastic experience learning with Shakil. Perfectly prepares you how to manage every possibility that can happen out on the roads. Through my test first time of asking!


Shakil, thanks for being so patient and helping me to improve my driving skills, you made me feel confortable and not nervous during the lessons. Thanks for your attention.


Mr. Shakil is a very professional and efficient instructor. I passed my exam very comfortably after practicing with him. Thanks!!!

Ferit Teoman GULER

I passed my driving test first time on Thursday! Shakil is a wonderful instructor, very patient and kind! I was very nervous to begin with and he made me feel at ease. Very informative and makes you feel comfortable behind the wheel in a short space of time. Thank you


Shakil. Great guy. Made me comfortable. Very patient. Knows how to get you to rectify your mistake. Thank you

G Patten

Shakil was a great instructor.Made you feel very comfortable and confident.


Very informative and helpful.


Shakil was cool calm and a very good teacher. Passed my test for the second time 15 years later with only a few hours of retraining. Analised my driving then quickly put me right on any bad habbits. Very good instructor. Thanks for your help, sweet bro 👌🙏💪


Past first time firstly and lesson are detailed and easy to understand when driving would recommend tooting driving school a lot .


Shakil is very professional and patient, He gives his whole heart into it to see us to succeed!

I really recommend him

Rabah islem benabdi

I cannot recommend recommend Shakil enough. He has been with me throughout my time learning and without him I would not have had the confidence to pass my driving test first try. He is very patient and provides good feedback on the mistakes I make and how to correct them. He also does not sugar coat things, pointing out even the smallest errors, ensuring that I drove safely and with full awareness of what I was doing.

Gio Salonga

Today I have passed my driving test for the first time

I wanna say a big thank you to my instructor for teaching me and covering everything

I will definitely recommend it to everyone 😊


Shakil is a professional and well mannered instructor, who always believes in his students. He is patient, understanding and always tries his best to support you. I highly recommend this instructor

Jahmari morgan

Shakil was an great instructor. I only had been driving with him for around 3 months and learnt new ways to drive. I recommend


Amazing instructor. Highly recommend. Kept me very confidence throughout

Imamur Rashid

Shakil was an excellent instructor. Always patient, considerate and really helped me overcome my flaws. I couldn’t recommend him more highly. Thank you so much!


Mr M Shofique is a great instructor. He was extremely accommodating to me and helped me pass my practical in very first attempt He is really professional with instructions & and has a plenty of knowledge and experience of teaching.

I highly recommend TDS.

Ch Faizan Naseer

He is very good, how he explain the way is very good and I passed my test on first time

Muhammad Qasim Gulraiz

Shakil was a great instructor. Helped me pass first time and was recommended by my mate who was taught by him and also passed first time.


After a few years of on an off driving lessons with different instructors, Shakil helped me pass my test. He is a top guy who teaches you not just to pass your test but also to be a great driver in general. I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn how to drive. Thanks Shakil for all your help!


Shakil from Tooting Driving School was excellent.

He is really professional and has a wealth of knowledge and experience.


Very good instructor has patience and wants the best for you


Passed my test first time with Shakil, All the credit goes to him for the patience he has shown towards me. Shakil will not only ensure you pass your test but make you a better driver overall. Highly recommended.

Klaver Taveira

Great driving school reasonable prices fully recommended shakil my instructor had very good patients and is very polite and very eager to help you succeed

Chris parry

My instructor Shakil was always calm and thorough with his instructions and corrections which made learning an enjoyable and indepth experience and compared to my previous instructor was amazing. Highly recommended.

Tom penniceard

My instructor Shakil was not like my previous instructors. He was attentive, very vocal and explained my mistakes / what to do very well. He was easy going, fun to talk to and I am super thankful for his help.

William C

I’m very happy with the driving instructor very professional. Passed 1st time


Very patient and helpful instructor, very much recommend!


I passed my practical test on my first try thanks to my driving instructor

Definitely recommend


Mr shakil was a amazing instructor he was very patient explained everything very well and helped me pass first time he was also very honest aswell in letting me know when I was ready fro my test, I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to pass.

Gavin Kemp

Shakil, has truly been the most amazing driving instructor. Would highly recommend he has been amazing with my anxiety and extremely patient with me. An incredible man, I will miss our weekly chats

Thank you so much for everything.


Great learning experience with Mohamed. He helped me build up skills and confidence all to way to passing my test today. Very patient and supportive instructor, I highly recommend.

Yannick M.

Passed first time , really grew in my confidence over time

Caleb asare

Shakil was really amazing. Helped me pass with just a few hours of lessons and was able to identify all of my main faults and work on them.

Zayd Lohiya

Passed first time thanks to Shakil. Very helpful and informative lessons.


Had a great experience with Shakil. Easy to booked sessions via WhatsApp. Shakil insists on a high standard for driving and does a great job of putting his pupils at ease throughout the process. I was an experienced driver from the States and he was able to patiently focus on breaking all my bad habits (i.e looking the wrong way, shifting gears and the dreaded roundabouts). Would recommend Shakil to anyone looking to improve their driving.

Christopher Durant

Brilliant instructor, great lessons, passing a driving test has never been so easy!


Shakil was the best help i could ask for, i had abit of short notice when my test was due, but he mamanged to stay calm and correct my mistakes and teach me in such little time, very grateful to have him as an instructor


I had a great experience and learnt so much, 100% would recommend Tooting driving school!


Amazing teacher, he doesnt just show you how to drive safely but also he will highlight issues that are wrong with your driving allowing you to improve them


I have passed from 1st attempt in Bromley! Used to have awful habits (coming from non-EU country had to adapt and learn on UK side almost from scratch) and Shakil instructor managed to fix all those unconscious mistakes that I was doing! If you choose him, you will not regret! Be ready to listen to his feedback and take his advices seriously – trust me you have high chances to pass it from your first try (if you follow what he says)! Amazing style of teaching – he will make you think every time the basic question “WHY?/Why you did it this way?” and then you will receive a very detailed explanation what you have done incorrectly (you will also remember what you don’t have to do next time).

THANK YOU Shakil for not giving up on me 🙂 and thanks a lot for your patience! Sometimes I was thinking that back in the days you were preparing Formula 1 drivers 🙂

Dorina CC

Shakil from Tooting Driving School was excellent.

He was extremely accomodating and helped me booking in lessons for a last minute driving test.

He is really professional and has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I highly recommend using TDS.


I came to Shakil as an emergency instructor, as my previous instructor dropped out a couple weeks before my test. Within FOUR lessons he managed to correct a year worth of bad habits and guarantee a 1st time pass. Highly recommend this instructor!

Kobe P

Shakil was my instructor and he was so good l, strict but a good strict helped me perfect my driving and in the end I passed.


Very good instructor, very easy to learn how to drive safely. His experience becomes apparent in his teaching as he walks you through step by step.

Highly recommended!


I passed my first time all thanks to Shakil! I had an instructor before who didn’t really believe in me and who I didn’t feel confident and comfortable with but Shakil put in hard work and always went through the mistakes i made, and made sure i understood everything fully. I really really recommend Shakil honestly big difference from someone who had 2 instructors.


It is really tough to find an honest and straight forward instructor in London. You need a one who you can trust without any doubt. I am sure that Shakil is that instructor who you need. After few lessons with Shakil you will be sure that he is the MASTER of the roads and you will feel that he is one of those who had put all roads rules, that is why his students will never make any mistake as long as they listen to his instructions. Today I have passed my test first time after just 14 lesson with Shakil and I had not any experience before. He is an exceptional instructor and has a strict teaching way of the roads rules which makes you pass easily.

I really appreciate every single lesson I have done with you Shakil.

Thank you so much.

Best wishes.


Mohamad Aljwania

Passed first time with Shakil. He was patient with me but also effient with pinpointing and correcting any mistakes in a focused manner. He adapted himself to my learning style and is a generally nice guy. I felt completely comfortable and at ease driving with him.

Thank you xo


Shakil is a good instructor,very kindly service from the driving lessons until the test he make sure’s you get to learn to drive carefully,cautiously, avoid mistakes and being a best driver.The service is exceptional he is on time during lessons. I would highly recommend considering having him as an instructor.

Sathya V



Strict but in a good way. His approach worked perfectly fine with me. Highly recommended.


Shakil is a great instructor, very friendly, patient and knowledgable. Thank you for everything and all the best.

Sharni B

Shakil is a amazing instructor, very calm when dealing with any errors with driving and very motivating and patient, would 100% recommend to any one new looking for a reliable instructor

Emmanuel Obando

Shakil is a brilliant instructor. He has taught me great discipline and has helped fix many faults in my driving in order for me to pass. I would high recommend him to anyone an experienced driving instructor is very important.

Reece Haughton

I had a 10 hour refresher set of lessons with Shakil after a long break from driving with a previous instructor, and with his support I came out the other side a more confident and safer driver than I’ve ever been, and passed my driving test. I appreciated his timeliness, flexibility with my tight schedule for getting the lessons in, and the tips that I hope to carry forward in my driving career

K Chaudhry

Shakil is a very knowledgeable,patient and straightforward instructor.

With his guidance and patience,i got the skills to pass my test on the first attempt.

Thank you so much Shakil for giving me confidence plus your help and support to enable me get my license.

Chris Malagala

Shakil was very helpful and gives really good advice in a clear and concise manner. I felt comfortable with a shakil at all times and he makes you feel comfortable and confident whilst driving, Shakil was critical in helping me to pass and I would definitely recommend him for any new learners.

Minny Khumalo

He is honest guy and well experienced I did practice with him couple of days and I have done it first time

Great job Mr shakeel

Stay blessed


Very good driving instructor, Shakil was born to teach people to drive, calm, patient, very knowledgeable and smart guy. Keeps you at ease when the nerves do kick in. Happy/lucky to have come in contact with this instructor.


Shakil is a very patient and straight forward instructor that helped me pass my test. Always very kind and understanding and I would highly recommend Tooting driving school.

Ibs Hoolash

Great teacher, patient and reassuring. Helped me pass on the first try.

Akwasi Oduro

Good experience. Shakil was very knowledgable and he made me a better driver. I corrected lots of bad habits because of his guidance. Thank you!!!

shehryar khurshid

Shakil has been a great instructor. He helped me pass my driving practical exam FIRST TIME.

Kanth Kumar

Excellent driving instructor helped me to pass my test first time, definitely recommended for driving lessons. Keep up good work. Thanks

A Rahman

Best driving instructor made me pass in 6 lessons. Very respectful and productive. He tells you all your mistakes and makes you learn from it, which then you won’t repeat again. Long story short I passed in 6 lessons that’s enough said.

Furkan Catal


Thank you to Shakil for being a brilliant driving instructor. Extremely patient, supportive and knowledgable with clearly lots of experience.

Calum Marris

Highly recommended. Shakil is an amazing ,patient and experienced instructor . Passed with my first attempt.I learned a lot from him.

Thanks again Shakil

erandi hajdinaj

Shakil was the best instructor, very patient, never shouts, always on time and fair prices.

Helped me get my licence on the first attempt .

Thank you very much.

Riad Amghar

Best qualified instructor very patient and intelligent, would recommend to all the beginners, past in my first attempt.

Ebrar Burak Dabanli

Very very helpful and very good motivation,

Very polite, and very friendly,

I learned lot from him about driving

Suresh Venugopalsamy

Shakil is a great instructor with lots of experience. I passed my test in my first attempt. Very pleased with his professionalism, level of knowledge and patience. I would highly recommend Tooting Driving School.

Utku Kalkan

Despite already having a licence from a different country, I was a very nervous student. I hadn’t driven in years when I started taking lessons with Shakil. He helped me regain my confidence and shared tips for things to keep in mind during the exam. Great instructor, fair prices and trustworthy.

Aline Arruda

Shakil it was a pleasure being taught by you, you made me feel comfortable and was always polite and never gave up on me. I would like to say big thanks to you. all the best

Kelly Johnson

Couldn’t be more genuine when I say this man is a fantastic instructor. He’s well balanced and very knowledgeable, ultimately facilitating a smooth pass with his advisory.

Adam B

Highly recommended. Shakil is an amazing instructor who was polite, punctual, professional and so patient. He made me feel very comfortable during the classes. I passed my exam in FIRST time.

Very big THANKS for everything that you have done for me.

Sharareh Buluki

Fore me it was a great experience with Shakil. I really felt that his comments are genuine when he explains why are we doing it like that. It’s not like ‘don’t do that… don’t do this..’. He clearly explains what to do in situations and also explains why we are doing it. That made a big difference in my driving ethics. He is good! I recommend.

vipin mv

Shakil was a brilliant instructor, loads of patience with me, lots of encouragement given for a learner driver in London, and he would only accept the best attempts from me. I highly recommend The Driving School.

Laura Howligan

Shakil is an amazing instructor, he taught me well and was extremely patient. His experience and knowledge are evident in his teaching style and with hard work it is certain that any student, inherently good at driving or not will pass.

Kyrece Lai Fook

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